About Kirsten Hamling

Kirsten Hamling is Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Cherry Creek Mortgage. She has 20+ years of experience in marketing, business development, corporate communications and executive management, and has represented diverse organizations ranging from Fortune 500 tech companies to philanthropic startups. Kirsten has led the development and execution of various integrated marketing programs and innovative go-to-market strategies, resulting in increased market shares and revenue growth across the board.

Although each marketing campaign is unique, Kirsten’s approach to business is rooted in tenets of technological integration and system-wide CRM improvement. The result: a better understanding of customer needs– and the ability to provide solutions that acutely meet them.

Kirsten Hamling entered the public relations sector shortly after earning her BA in Business and Communications from Pepperdine University. In 1992 she joined Ingram Micro, a microcomputer product distribution company, as Director of Public Relations and Communications. Ingram Micro ran the gamut of software and hardware products, and Kirsten collaborated with other manufacturers to ensure a consistent flow of business agreements and partnerships. This co-marketing experience would eventually inform many of Kirsten’s other collaborative roles down the line.

Following her time at Ingram Micro, Kirsten Hamling went into agency work and secured a client for whom she would eventually work: Earthlink. Aware of the massive (and yet untapped) potential of the internet and fascinated by the opportunity to build up a company from its infancy, Kirsten moved to North California and joined Earthlink as Vice President of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations. She helped to transform the regional ISP into a leading national brand, creating marketing campaigns for brand-new tech products and creating a footprint in the industry rivaled only by AOL. Kirsten took the company public in 1996.

In 2001 Kirsten relocated to Denver and joined TeleTech, a large call center company, as Vice President of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations. Here she collaborated with large financial services companies and shifted her focus into b2b work. Kirsten moved on from TeleTech to manage Integrated Marketing Communications at Level 3, including advertising, public relations, events, marketing communications and customer programs.

Buffered by these experiences, Kirsten Hamling took the leap in 2006 to found her own integrated marketing communications firm, Traction Communications. The firm utilized both traditional and non-traditional initiatives to connect with customers in real estate, tech, and nonprofit sectors. Kirsten’s particular interest in nonprofit work and event planning led her to later join a startup venture called CauseBeats, which aimed to change the face of philanthropy in the highly influential music industry.

Kirsten Hamling has received numerous awards for her work in the marketing industry. As a high level executive and as an innovator, Kirsten has found that success really comes with taking risks, a bit of compromise, and a firm grasp of personal skills. Following these principles through both corporate marketing and agency work, Kirsten found great success proving that she is a thought leader within the industry. While working at EarthLink, PR Week named Kirsten as one of the 50 top high tech corporate executives in the nation. In addition, in 2010, Kirsten Hamling was named by the Denver Business Journal as one of Colorado’s Most Outstanding Women in Business.

Kirsten is now the Vice President of Marketing at Cherry Creek Mortgage. Since she joined the company in 2014 Kirsten has led the development and implementation of traditional, digital, inbound and outbound marketing strategies and is overseeing a total rebrand of the company’s external and internal services. From transforming and updating the company’s CRM platform to redefining and specializing roles within the marketing department, Kirsten Hamling is dedicated to growing the business and exceeding the professional needs of loan officers, realtors, and, of course, customers.

Through her work with Cherry Creek Mortgage, Kirsten has found a new passion for real estate. Kirsten has found creative ways to make her marketing tactics feel organic and readable. Real estate can become an incredibly difficult market to succeed in, however, Kirsten reaches her audiences by digging into trends across the industry. She curates content to intrigue both millennial buyers and seasoned home owners – a skill that only strengthens marketing strategy. As Denver continues to be a hot market for real estate, Kirsten is enjoying looking into new opportunities for her team to dive into.

Kirsten Hamling happily resides in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, her two daughters, and two loving dogs.