Millennial Marketing Matters

With millennials taking over the world and a purchasing power of $200 billion, it’s important to understand that the marketing strategies have shifted more than ever. As the generation known for spending money mainly on their needs, rather than their wants, millennials have the power to contribute to the retail economy for the better or for worse. Let’s take a look at the most essential marketing strategies that will attract millennials.

Think Email is Dead? Think Again: Why Email Still Matters in Marketing

In today’s world of lightning-fast social media, even email can seem hopelessly outdated. While an engaged and enthusiastic social media audience remains this decade’s holy grail for most marketers, you still shouldn’t forget about the humble email. Far from being dead, emails are actually still a great way to reach customers — both existing ones and potential new leads! Don’t overlook a tool that is relatively cheap, relatively easy, and may be exactly what your readership wants. Is this news to you? Let’s walk through some of the things you’ve probably thought about email — and why you’re wrong.