Influencer Marketing 101

There are all kinds of facets to the marketing industry. It seems that the strategies grow more intricate every few years, pushing marketing departments likely close to insanity trying to keep up. Even heading into 2018, there are a few new marketing tactics that everyone is focusing on and trying to put their spin to. One thing is clear, however: Influencer marketing is the biggest marketing trend of the moment – and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


What exactly is Influencer Marketing?

An article in Forbes explains the concept perfectly: imagine that you’re back in high school and you overhear one of the most popular girls in school talk about where she got her jeans. Bam – insider information that points you directly to where the cool kids are shopping.


Influencer marketing is the art of taking this concept and capitalizing on it ten fold. You don’t need to spend millions of dollars on meaningful or eye-catching commercial spots or magazine ads. All you need is a popular social media star to talk about your product, and you’ll have thousands of eyes looking up your information.


Isn’t that just an endorsement?

No, this is not just like an endorsement, although it is similar. The difference here is that any celebrity can endorse a product. It doesn’t have to pertain to their career or what they’re online presence is like. You also won’t really know if that celebrity actually uses what they’re endorsing – it’s purely marketing. Influencer marketing piggy-backs off of an existing online celebrity’s mass following, essentially securing that if your influencer has millions of followers on Instagram, there are millions of people that are going to be looking at their posts. If said influencer posts that they love a certain brand of crunchy peanut-butter, you can guarantee that that peanut-butter brand will become famous by association.


Where is this trend going?

If you’re not trying to break into this trend now, you’ll want to get started. According to many news outlets, influencer marketing is going to remain huge through 2018 at least. One of the biggest advancements within influencer marketing will be the integration of several different types of influencers: micro-, macro-, and mega-influencers. You don’t have to have the biggest celebrity endorsing your product, it just has to be the right type of celebrity. By mixing the levels of influence within your strategy, you ensure that you’re reaching all of the consumers possible.


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