Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Business

As if you didn’t have enough on your plate at your physical job, you can’t forget about the online presence of that job. If it’s your own company or small business, it’s even more important that you’re aware of the online tactics used to help your business improve. One of the ways that you can elevate your business is to start a blog on your company’s website. This will require some extra work to be added into your busy schedule, but, if done correctly a blog can do wonders for your business’ online reputation.


Here, we’ll explore some of the top reasons your business should have a blog.


Increase Website Traffic

This is the all-important endgame of most business blogs; write stellar content that attracts your consumer base, and then capitalize on their interests through some targeted marketing. That’s right – your blog can actually be something that makes you money. By increasing the site traffic to your page, there will be more chances to educate your base on the value of your product or service, which can turn into something quite lucrative. If you’re not comfortable with having your blog on your main business page, you can also create a secondary website as well. This will give you another opportunity for new customers and a second set of website traffic to target.



Search engine optimization is an incredibly powerful tool that all businesses can profit from. It is essentially what dictates the search results we see when we look something up on Google, for example. There are plenty of ways to optimize your website for SEO, however, adding a blog will give your website fresh content, which SEO feeds off of. As seen in a recent Sprout Content article, search engines love valuable content and will reward you for it. The longer you have consistent and meaningful content being updated on your site, the more relevant and authoritative it will become, which will make your site more visible to search engines.


It Positions Your Product

Why wait for someone else to create a buzz about your product or services? A blog for a small business can be an incredible valuable marketing tool. Use this as an educational tool to tell the world about your business and how great it is. Writing a blog is free – digital ads can cost you. Because SEO bots are out there grading your website, the more positivity surrounding the keywords for your business, the better.


Have you seen success with your business blog? If so, send your experiences to me by commenting below or tweeting to me @kirstenhamling.